There is no doubt that smartphones are addictive. This addiction can do damage beyond our imagination. These screens absorb so much of our kids’ time, their health and their studies, it is foremost that we take control of these screens, protect and educate our children from its harms.

Here we have discussed some of the ways which can guide you to let your child enjoy the benefits of smart devices without damaging their personality.

1. Make it a Shared Experience

Parents should be involved in their child’s life i.e. they should know how technology is leaving its impact on a child’s brain. The best way of doing this is by making it an activity for both of you. In this way you can not only teach technology to your kid but can also become involved in their activities and monitor what they are doing online. This will also set the standards for the future. Also, use the Parental Control App to keep a check on your kid’s activities.

2. Be a Role Model for Your Child

Try to spend quality time with your children without any electronics, talk with them about their day or your day, read a story to them etc. If you give your undivided attention to your kid, it will help them develop self-confidence and establish empathy while making long lasting memories.

3. Ban Electronics from the Dinner Table

Set some house rules like mealtime should be an electronics-free zone – no TV, no smartphone, no tablet on the table. Eating with screens on makeing you more likely to consume calories. Make mealtime your family time, and get to know what happened in your child’s day instead of reading posts about random people and their lives. Do not receive any phone calls while you are dinning with your children and apply the same rule on them.

How Does a Parental Control App help Parents?

It is really tough to manage what your kids do when you are not around, even if you have educated them about responsible online behavior and screen time limits. Parental Control App helps you to keep your kid’s Internet experiences safe.



Parental Control App such as the FamilyTime app allows you to block questionable apps, monitor web history to prevent kids from watching adult content, impose screen-time limits, and also help you monitor your child’s call logs and contact list. This app can also help you to put a limit on bedtime texting by letting you track the sent or received text messages on their phone.

There are several more features offered by the app which you can easily explore by downloading the app from Google play store or iTunes.