How Automation Helps in Increasing Agricultural Productivity?

In the present times, technology is seen to soar over and as a result, the agricultural outputs are found to grow higher in terms of productivity. Innovation has brought up with itself, the highest reward, that is, productivity.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations are continuously making efforts to meet the demand for food of this crowded world with the ever rising increment in population. The agricultural equipment supplier is thus coming up with new inventions that can benefit the world with a continued productivity growth in terms of improving the yield along with an improved management of the existing food resources and lands.

Innovation has been knocking at the farm gate with Agricultural technologies proliferating high tech data gathering techniques such as sensors, GPS tracking technologies and drones. These tools along with the other manual tools and equipment shall unlock the next wave of productivity.

This could be justified with the reference, where the drones are being used to monitor the health of crops from that of the tractors and Uber-style ride-sharing apps are meant for ferrying fresh agricultural produce. The Agricultural researchers are constantly making efforts to conduct experiments with all kinds of data driven applications in order to drive down the costs as well as to optimize the usage of water and land resources. With the advent of digitised agriculture, the farmers have got the ability to gain adequate control over their farms in ways that they had never come across in the past years. They are now able to control and monitor their inputs as well as track possibilities of managing their farm lands.

Here are some ways through which automation can help in improving agricultural productivity:


Developing the agricultural cycle

Since the advent of robotics and automation processes, productivity could be increased at almost every step of the agricultural cycle. This will lead to a greater efficiency with planting done in the most appropriate way. It will also cut down the labour costs. With the availability of these robots and automation technologies, the energy costs will be slashed out. These automation technologies shall be able to contribute to the agricultural cycle from the early stage of planning and planting.

UAVs or Drones shall be used over fields to collect data regarding the soil as well as to get information about the moisture holding capacity of the lands so that the farmers can make decisions for their stepping forward to irrigation and the other steps that follow.

Planting tasks are done through automation

Automated planting has become a task that most of the robot companies have been tackling at present. These robots take flats of peat seedlings and they separates them as well as plants them in the chosen patterns as desired by the farmer or the land owner.

Harvest automation

The Harvest automation technologies are being adopted by the farmers, wherein they use the robots to move as well as arrange the potted plants into the nurseries. The automated grafting robot ensures the tasks done in the most appropriate way. These automated technologies avail automatic seeding systems as well as take care regarding the germination processes. These robots graft as well as plant seeds automatically.

Automated systems carrying out agricultural tasks

These robots and automated systems carry out irrigation as well as to spread insecticide and fertilisers to the farm. There are several automated technologies that are mainly focussed on irrigation. They also comprise of weather monitoring systems that offer frost alerts to make sure that the agricultural produce remains secure.

UAV image analysis is helpful

It offers information regarding the health of the crop as well as directs the farmers about the stages of plant growth as well as the crop density and its coverage. It also notifies the users when the weeding is to be done as well as about the targeted spot spraying or when the pruning is to be done.

Information about pollination

Some robots are also available that are particularly meant to pollinate the fields of crops through artificial methods.

Cutting off the labour pressure

The fields are being maintained appropriately with these automated systems. The automated devices are meant to cut off much of that manual labour.

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