The Ultimate Geeky Guide to Creating a Top-Notch WP Site

A top site needs a different approach. Quality is your prime consideration in every area, and you can’t compromise on hosting, design or SEO. And you certainly cannot compromise on content.

Site Design

Appearances matter. When you meet a new business contact, you have seven seconds to make a good impression. On your website, you have a much shorter time. Some viewers are making judgments after seeing your site for 0.017 seconds, and after 0.05 seconds, most visitors opinions are fixed.

Design simplicity and conforming to expectations are the most important factors in your site’s appearance. Choose a premium theme that will guarantee support and compatibility with future WordPress releases.

Be different. People value uniqueness.



Your color choice affects how people see you. You cannot be everyone’s idea of a perfect match.

Aim your choice of colors and design features at your target user. Aim to be that person’s guardian angel, always there with the solution to a problem.

Color preferences are different in men and women, in different cultures, and at different ages. Respect (#72 in the chart above) is linked to various colors in different cultures; Grey in North America and Europe (A in the figure above), white in Japan (B above), silver in Native American culture (D above), and yellow in Chinese culture (E above.)

Site Hosting

Finding top quality hosting is crucial to building a site that will last. You might not need much support, but when you do need it, you need it instantly. You also need your hosting to be fast and reliable.

Cost is always going to be a consideration but is not the most important factor. Customer ratings mean much more to you than all the clever marketing on individual hosting company sites. SiteGround comes out top of this survey of WordPress Hosting, with ten times the number of customer recommendations, proving you can find a good shared hosting account and there is no need to sell your first-born to pay for a dedicated server.

WP Plugins

Less is more, and a well-designed theme will reduce the need for plugins that will slow down your site loading time for users.

Automatic backups before you install a new plugin or a WordPress update could save you from a stroke when you get the white screen of death after an installation.



You know you should back up everything before adding a plugin, but do you sometimes take a chance and not bother? The premium version of Updraft Plus makes backups effortless, automatically backing up your site and databases before any installation that could mess it up.




Know your target user; have a large image of that person on your wall, use it as a screensaver, and imagine conversations with this person many times each day. Your content must solve that individual’s problems, or it will be lost in the ever-growing sub-canopy detritus of the Internet forest.

Every pixel of content must be superlative. There is no room for ordinary high-quality articles.

Every word needs to serve a purpose and to be aimed at solving a user problem. Your intentions for users need to scream out at them: A post might be aimed at encouraging downloads of white paper or email list signups, but that purpose should be apparent from the first sentence.

If you outsource your blog content, then ensure your writers have an intimate understanding of your target profile. If you accept guest posts, ask posters what user problem they intend to solve. Set up social media accounts in the name of your target user and post about your issues and challenges. Be wary because Facebook, in particular, dislikes this practice. Refer writers to this user’s social profiles, so they come to know your target market.

Tl; DR

Pay for good content, hosting, theme and security. Your investments will pay for themselves.