How Could You Make Your Warehouse More Efficient? Advice From the Software Specialists




Having an efficient and productive system in any workspace is extremely important. The majority of work environments lack productivity when there is no structure. A workspace that relies entirely on a successful streamlined process is a warehouse. This infographic has been created by PeopleVox WMS specialists and explores 10 ways to make your warehouse more efficient, boosting productivity and sales.


If you would like to streamline your distribution operations, follow the suggestions below and discover the best tips and tricks.


Firstly, profiling your order is an important step for any warehouse. By analyzing the orders you receive throughout the course of a year, you can identify trends that will help you to position your stock more effectively. For example, if certain SKUs are more popular in the spring, then you can move these to an easily accessible location, which can then be swapped when a more popular product is in play.


Another way to make your warehouse more efficient is through the process of utilizing your software. Modern technology is so advanced that you can now install software which collates your orders by pick paths, lines, zones and level of picking difficulty. This makes a huge difference to the average time it takes your warehouse team to get new jobs out the door. Sequencing your orders in a way that makes them easier to pick will make life ten times easier for your pickers and packers.


Have you ever considered the idea of creating a warehouse within a warehouse? By grouping together the 20% of SKUs that make up the bulk of your orders, you can increase picking productivity even further. However, only consider this option if you are selling large quantities of products.


Check out the infographic for an easy-to-read guide on making your warehouse more efficient. If you follow these tips, you will notice positive changes immediately and wish you began sooner! Start your journey to a more streamlined warehouse today.