The Spherical Sun Power Generator And The Future Of The Generator Industry

Popularly called Spherical sun power generator generates power that works on the energy of the Sun. The conventional solar systems require a lot of space for the setup. This modern age generator has a spherical globe. It works by absorbing both diffused and sun rays. Rawlemon Ltd Co developed this concept.

It is owned by a German architect, Andre Broessel. The company has introduced this spherical generator by the name of Beta Ray. According to Andre Broessel vision, more energy can be squeezed out of Sun. He firmly believes that there is a need for solar technology that can work in low-light areas.

It concentrates these rays on a photovoltaic cell. These photovoltaic cells are highly efficient and light in weight. The frame of the globe has a double tracking system. It makes the generator to work more efficiently as compared with the conventional solar panels. It can be used widely in solar power plants based on Rawlemon technologies.

Features of Spherical Sun Power Generator


  • The installation of this spherical sun power generator is very simple.
  • It generates solar energy early morning, late evening and cloudy days. It is very durable and efficient. It can be installed anywhere where there is reach to the sky.
  • Place it at your preferred location. You must keep the spherical ball pointing towards the sky.
  • It is based on the combination of two technologies. These are dual axis tracking system and on the principle of spherical geometry.
  • It is a powerful and efficient generator with no batteries. It occupies very less area. The area gets reduced by 25%.
  • The collector absorbs solar energy. It converts solar energy into electrical energy.



  • Spherical sun power generator can provide enough power to run a whole house. It can fulfill the demand of power sector, domestic sector, and commercial offices. It can also be used to generate electricity in schools and colleges.
  • It can also be used to charge an electric car. It can be used in the conventional solar power plants. They have the capability to replace the conventional solar panels.
  • The utility of the spherical sun power generator can be increased as table top chargers. They are used for the charging music players, mobile phones, and various USB devices.
  • During the night, ball lens transforms high-power lamp that can illuminate your area. You can use few LEDs.
  • It is suitable to use in thermal power plants. It is better than conventional solar panels. The solar panels installed have a very low efficiency of 15%. The losses can go to minus 70%.

The Future of the Generator Industry


The appearance of sun generator will bring the revolution in the whole industry. Its interesting design can make a perfect choice to install on walls of buildings or inclined surfaces and its futuristic design is completely rotational.

With Spherical Sun Power Generator, it is expected that the demand of these generators will come from the worldwide. The sufficient amount of solar energy is available entire year.

The demand for energy in many countries in Africa and Asia Pacific is rising rapidly. These countries will take advantage of spherical sun power generator. This generator uses the freely available sunlight. Moreover, the government of developing countries is promoting the sources of renewable energy.

Although, huge money is required in the manufacturing of generator. This is one of the limiting factors. The higher cost can have a huge impact on the demand of this generator. The concerned authorities are working to decrease the amount spent on the technology.

The appearance of sun generator also changes the position of the traditional generators in the industry. In the near future, it can replace different generators that are being used in households and commercial areas. At the present, the most common generators are propane and gas generator. No matter what the differences between propane and gas generators are, it is reasonable to believe that the number of fossil fuel generators will significantly decrease once this new technology is completed. That being said, they will not easily completely disappear.

Huge impacts on our lives will be made, in positive ways. The cost for the generation will become less. During its manufacturing, the emission of carbon into the atmosphere will decrease. Thus, it contributes to the reduction in pollution. In an era of the new source of energy, the reduction in consuming fossil fuel will largely contribute to the environment protection and encourage the use of alternative energy.

Other Players

other players

There is the increasing demand of the solar power generator. Many other players are also planning to enter. Some of them are

  • Goal Zero
  • Suntech Power Co. Ltd
  • Renogy
  • Chroma Energy
  • BSQ Solar

The future of the generator industry is very bright. The spherical sun power generator can transform the use of energy worldwide. It will make the working very efficient and cost effective.