Electric Lawn Mowers Will Cut Our Carbon Footprint

Think of all the ways that you are leaving a carbon footprint. The first items on your list are probably your car and refrigerator. Your gas-powered lawn mower probably isn’t even on the list. However, lawn mowers actually consume over 800 million gallons of gas every year, which accounts for about 5% of the nation’s global footprint. This is one of the reasons that demand electric lawn mowers is on the rise.

How Much Do Electric Lawnmowers Help?

If you are concerned about protecting the environment, then you may want to look into trading your old gas-powered lawnmower for an electric version. There is a lot of evidence that electric powered lawn mowers are much more energy efficient.

Some skeptics questioned whether electric lawn mowers actually helped curtail CO2 emissions, so Consumer Reports conducted some research. They spoke with Simon Mui, a lithium-ion battery expert at the Natural Resources Defense Council, who said that electric versions were much better for the environment because they don’t produce any tailpipe emissions.

Of course, they aren’t perfect. In fact, they won’t even cut CO2 emissions by half. You have to keep in mind that electric energy has to come from somewhere. Consumer Reports points out that only 13% of all electricity is produced from renewable sources, so you will still be leaving a carbon footprint.

However, making the switch to an electric lawnmower will still make a noticeable difference. The energy efficiency of most power plants is higher than your average lawnmower, which also affects the energy savings.

Eliminating the need for gasoline is not the only reason they are better for the environment. Keep in mind that gasoline powered lawnmowers also require oil. You will need to change your oil and filter at least once a summer. Oil spillage often contaminates the environment. Properly destroying them also requires a lot of heat, which also leaves a high carbon footprint. Of course, you also have to drive to the store to buy new oil filters, which leaves a carbon footprint of its own.

You don’t have to worry about changing the oil when you buy an electric lawnmower. As long as you clean your blades regularly, you should be all set. Grant Morgan, a consumer interest writer with Top 10 Reviews, has tested some of the different models and said that they are much better than the gas-powered alternatives.

“Mowing your lawn with an electric lawn mower is a great way to get the cut you want while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you choose a corded or cordless mower, you can expect performance on par with traditional gas mowers without the hassle of maintenance, harmful fluids or disturbing noise.”

What Type of Electric Lawnmower Should You Buy?

There are a lot of electric lawnmowers on the market, so you will need to do your research first. The most important thing that you need to take into consideration is whether you want a corded or cordless lawnmower. Corded lawnmowers are generally cheaper, but they are more of a hassle as well. You will need a long cord to get around your property and will need to make sure your kids and pets don’t pull it on you.

If you are buying a cordless lawnmower, you will need to consider the longevity of the battery. The average battery will last about an hour, but it may be used up more quickly if you are mowing on steep hills. Make sure you keep it charged regularly. Some of the newer electric lawn mowers use dual Li-ion batteries, which last longer but are also more expensive.