5 Best Beginner Microscopes

Not all microscopes are the same. As with any piece of contraption out there, microscopes to tend to vary in terms of quality and performance.
It’s also important to note that the kind of microscope you’d want to use as a beginner is very different from what a kid or an advanced user would settle for. For instance, if you’re buying the microscope for a young kid, you’d want to opt for the simplest microscope you can find. The same can be said about an advanced user whose priority will be on the intended use and NOT exactly on simplicity and ease-of-use.
But as a beginner, the first thing you’d want to look at while shopping around for a microscope is your budget. Speaking of which, it’s NOT considered wise to spend a wad on the first microscope you buy knowing very well you’ll at some point have to replace it with a more advanced unit. At the same time, you do NOT want the microscope to be too simple or complex for the task at hand.
All this calls for a rigorous research. But for all those who fear to get their hands dirty, here’s a rundown of five microscopes that have been tested and found to be well suited for beginners:

best microscope

1. Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus

There are a lot of reasons Levenhuk Rainbow 50L is considered one of the best microscopes for beginners. One is the unit has been tested and found to have one of the best optics. Not only is its magnification quality enough, it’s also been tested and found to have the capacity to view finer details. Arriving with it is a colored activity guide that comes with simple instructions and well laid-out illustrations that serve as a step-by-step guide for those starting out with microscopy. Even more important, the microscope is priced inexpensively, despite sporting all the top features you can only find in a high-end microscope.

2. AmScope M150C

This is a monocular compound microscope that comes with a 40x to 1000x magnification for rendering versatile ranges.
The microscope is also equipped with a 360-degree rotatable head that makes it a suitable choice for anything academic.
That goes without mentioning the built-in illumination. It might NOT be as affordable as the other microscopes in the list, but if money is no longer a factor in the choices you make, then the Amscope M150C should pass as one of the best microscopes you can buy as a beginner.

3. MyFirst Lab MFL-06

As the name suggests, My First Lab MFL-O6 was designed for those yet to master the skills required to properly handle a microscope.
In addition to being one of the simplest microscopes to use, it also boasts all the features you’ll need in a simple microscope option. The best part is that it can be powered by batteries, which makes it an ideal kind of machine for your garden or any place without power.
The unit comes with a maximum magnification range of up to 400x, which makes it less suitable for biological samples.
Despite all this, the MFL-06 still offers real value for your money. It’ll still get the job done, even though you might want to consider the other options if you’re in for a unit to use for biological tests.

4. National Geographic Dual NGMICROSCOPE

The national geographical dual NGMICROSCOPE is a budget friendly microscope that was designed with beginners in mind.
It has a magnification range of 20x to 50x, which makes it less effective for viewing smaller specimens. It’s therefore considered a good choice for a stereo-microscope. The microscope also comes with a kit, which features a wide variety of other accessories including tweezers, set of slides and a learning guide. Suffice it to say it’s the microscope to settle for if you’re looking for something that’s both easy on your pocket and can still get the job done.

5. Carson Microbite Pocket Microscope

Pocket microscopes are a nifty tool for educational purposes. One thing you’ll surely love about this unit is its ergonomic design that’s well suited for beginners and advanced users alike. The machine also features a large side grip and a LED light button. Not to mention the wide focus adjustment wheel and slider for adjusting the unit’s magnification. Designed to offer a 60x to 120x magnification, the machine can also be powered by an AA battery. It also comes with a one year warranty in case the unit turns out to be faulty. But all in all, this is one of the best microscopes for beginners. In addition to magnifying objects, the microscope exposes you to a whole new world of discovery.