What is The Cisco Spark Board Access Plan?

The Cisco Spark Board is gaining popularity in the industry and you may be thinking of taking the big step into buying your first or multiple units for your business. This can be a large leap as the price point can often turn people away, especially if you’re a small-medium business. If now is the time to expand, then the Cisco Spark Board is an excellent device to keep your communications unified.

Cisco has a way of helping you out if the price is too much to bear all at once, subscription models. Since in today’s world we use subscriptions for almost everything whether it’s Netflix, shaving kits or even underwear, then it’s no different for the Spark Board!

Viju brings you a look into the Cisco’s subscription model for the Spark Board and how it could help you out if you’re looking into growing as a business.

The Cisco Spark Board in action


Access Plan

With the Access Plan, Cisco is offering an easier option for anyone that’s fearful of that up-front hardware cost. This is where the Access Plan shines, with only a single monthly payment and no up-front hardware cost at all then it’s an excellent choice if you’re in need for a device that unifies your communications across several departments or around the globe.

Along with that, the Access Plan offers you:

The Cisco Spark Board itself, which if that was all you got would be a great deal in itself. Allowing you to utilize the myriad of features on offer on the Spark Board, you’ll be hard to drag away from it the first time you get your hands on it.

A software subscription that provides you with automatic updates through the cloud to ensure that your device is fully up-to-date with the latest security checks. Allowing you to focus on using the device to its fullest rather than the maintenance of the device.

Maintenance and Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Centre) Support – if you’re ever in need of assistance at any point in the use of the Spark Board or you feel like there’s a problem with the hardware itself, then Cisco is on hand with around-the-clock technical support. Allowing you with a fast and reliable service that will ensure that the issue is fixed as fast as possible.

Hardware RMA (Return Material Authorisation) for next-day replacement service – If the worst possible scenario occurs where the device is damaged or needs replacement from the advice of the technical support staff than with this subscription plan Cisco aim to replace the device by next working day. Excellent if you’re in a rush and need to continue your meetings and work sessions without interruption.

The flexibility provided by the Access Plan provides you with immense value, something you may miss out on if you went for the up-front price. For the 55-inch version, it costs $380 per month and $575 for the 70-inch, both provide excellent features that’ll help your business grow at the rate you’re looking for.