A Personal Encounter with Rise and Fall – Civilisations at War

After a long time, I was playing this game. This game brings back to me so much of memories. Recently, I happened to fix my old computer that runs on Windows XP platform. I was trying to recollect my old memories so that I can play some games, and Luck by Chance! I discovered this game in my system.

I installed this game on the PC without giving any second thought and jumped into playing the same. It may happen that if you are using some other platform being installed in your PC, then you can buy the game from Coupons Monk.

In this article, I am going to share my unforgettable and nostalgic experience that I got from this latest session of playing the game.

With Whom Do you Want to Play?

In the game of Rise and Fall – Civilisations at War, you have the chance to play as different historical characters viz. Cleopatra, Achilles, Julius Caesar, and some more other characters as well which I won’t reveal until you play the game and know yourself. As far as I am concerned, My favorite character in the game is Cleopatra and will remain the same for a long time, I guess.

The main USP of the game is that the voice dubbing was done very well. There are two main campaigns in the game. In both the campaigns, you have to choose to play either as Cleopatra (my favorite) or as Julius Caesar. Now jumping directly to the game, I would share with you my personal encounter of the same.

The Presentation of the Past History

Well, if you rate the game visually, then this game definitely wins the race. The game’s graphics was well designed according to the depicted history. I have played the game on various systems. One with minimal specs and other having HD configuration. Sometimes I noted the slow speed rate of the game on the PC having lower technical specifications.

But overall I would tell that the animations were leaving me dumbstruck. The animations that were designed made me feel that I am playing on the battlefield. The soundtrack, I must admit, was one of the best ever soundtrack I have ever listened to. To be honest, it is one of my favorite soundtracks that is ever created and composed.


In the game of Rise and Fall – Civilisations at War, there is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) mode with a first person view mode as well. You can control and watch your character when they reach a certain level and exceed the particular level. Also, with the help of some easy press buttons, you can control the special moves of your character.

Each character depicted in the game has his/her special powers and weaknesses as well. When you choose your character, you will be able to get a small descriptive note that would inform you about these powers and weaknesses.

Some Extra Features

There are some few small things that I took note of. Firstly, you don’t have to collect any coins or food or some other special bonuses. The second thing of the game which enthralls me is that you don’t have to pass the ages to unlock the next level. There is no concept as such in the game of Rise and Fall – Civilisation at War. Instead, you need to upgrade the level of your character.

Something I really love about this game is that you can place the soldiers on the top of your walls. Also, the regular soldier or units will not be able to attack either destroy the walls that you have built.

At the very first stage, you can climb any ladder or wall in the first person mode. So when you sense a siege in your enemy’s base, then the first thing that you can do is to climb on the base’s walls and attack those archers.

There are so many things that I get crazy about this game that I can continue for a bit more. But at this stage, I am convinced that if you try this RTS game, you will enjoy and love this game more as the time passes by.