The Future Of Pool Maintenance Is Automation

Up until a few years ago, you had two choices when it came to pool maintenance. The first choice was to do all of the pool cleaning and maintenance chores manually, which was a time consuming and exhausting process. The second choice was to automate the whole process. While this was definitely the less exhausting option, most of the pool-cleaning devices were power-guzzlers, which meant you had to be prepared to pay huge electricity bills.

Fast forward to today and things have changed dramatically, much to the relief of pool owners everywhere. Today, there are several technologically advanced devices available that not only save time and effort doing pool maintenance but are also energy-efficient so you don’t have to worry about spiraling electricity bills.

We’ve put together a few automated products that make easy work of pool maintenance without an increase in energy consumption.



The pHin Smart Monitor may look like a basic little device as it floats around in your pool, but this little gadget is a packed with advanced features including a Bluetooth connection. When the chemicals in the pool water drop below the desired level, the pHin Smart Monitor automatically places an order for replenishments. The replenishments arrive in the form of pre-measured pods that dissolve in the water and release the chemicals. It does not consume any electricity and the most work you have to do is to place the pod into the pool. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Dolphin Premier

There are several different robotic pool cleaners in the market today but where the Dolphin Premier scores over the others is in its reduced energy consumption. The Smart-Nav software that is integrated into this robotic pool cleaner model takes pool scanning and coverage to a whole new level. This advanced technology enables the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner to quickly scan and clean the pool while consuming up to about 87% less energy. Tests conducted by the company show that operating this pool cleaner should only cost you about 5 cents an hour.

It’s simple and easy to use too. You simply plug it in, drop it gently into the water and leave it to do its thing. When it has finished its cleaning cycle, you pick it out of the water and it’s all done. The pool is ready for you and your family to jump in.

Solar Breeze NX Pool Skimmer

If you’ve ever tried skimming leaves, branches and other floating debris from your pool, you would know what a tedious, time-consuming chore that can be. On a particularly windy day, it can feel like you are never going to be able to get all that unwanted stuff out of the water.

The Solar Breeze NX Pool Skimmer is your automated solution to this particular problem. This cool tool takes the hard work out of skimming your pool without sky-rocketing your utility bills. In fact, it won’t even cost you 5 cents an hour. The NX Pool Skimmer is solar powered. Leave it floating in the pool all day and the solar energy it collects charges the onboard batteries enough to keep it skimming unwanted debris continuously for several hours. With this device in your pool, you know your pool will always be debris-free and ready for you any time.

Pool Pump Timer

The pool pump consumes the most energy of all pool maintenance devices. However, it is one that you cannot compromise on. The pump helps the water to circulate and keeps the pool clean. While you cannot afford to switch it off, you also do not need to keep it running continuously. The ideal time you need to run the pump is about eight hours a day. We recommend setting your pump timer to run at off-peak times during the night, when electricity is cheaper.

The future of pool maintenance truly is automation and these few products are fantastic examples of this.