Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8’th

Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8’th

Angry Luke Skywalker (Credit: Rovio)
Rovio continues to develop new variations on its original Angry Birds video game which became a huge successes since its first release back in December 2009. The newest incarnation of the birds vs. pigs will happen on a galaxy far far away and begin in exactly a month time.
This is not the first time we are covering Rovio’s plans to release a new version of its hugely popular Angry Birds video game. After the birds have gone to space, courtesy of Rovio’s cooperation with NASA in "Angry Birds Space", now the saga continues in a whole different galaxy.
This time around the birds will assume the form of well known Star Wars characters (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and others). Rovio didn’t let out much at this point but on the short video which can be seen below you can clearly tell that the lightsaber turns into the famous slingshot.
As we noted in the past beside the new game, Rovio is supposedly planning a movie on which we got a hint last year. Movies might be a way for Rovio to make money and increase the exposure of the game in the future, but in the meantime the company it already selling over 1 million dolls and other official merchandise each month through its online store, making it one of the most reconisable brands in the world (and surly one of the newest).
In May 2011 TFOT reported on one of Rovio’s earlier big moves from mobile platforms to the personal computer thanks to some help from Google. The computer version of Angry Birds can be downloaded for the app store of the chrome browser and played on the big screen just like they are used to on  mobile devices (minus the touch screen). Since then the game found its way into a host of platforms and Rovio even introduced a special version of the game called Angry Birds Magic specifically for Nokia NFC-enabled Symbian and Harmattan devices.

A short trailer from Rovio for the upcoming Angery Birds Star Wars

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