Boot Up in Seconds with gOS Cloud

The software company Good OS recently announced its upcoming operating system called “Cloud” that can boot into a Google, Yahoo!, or Live browser in seconds. The company, which is known for its gOS Linux which debuted on Wal-Mart computers, revealed its new Cloud on a GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbook at the Netbook World Summit. This touch-screen netbook will be available in early 2009, with Cloud and Windows XP already preloaded.
A screenshot from Cloud showing its Open Office applications. (Credit: good OS) 
A screenshot from Cloud showing
its Open Office applications (Credit: good OS)

Cloud works by combining a web browser with a compressed Linux operating system kernel for instantaneous access to the internet, mixing browsers and rich client applications and providing the user full control of the computer from the browser alone.

When the computer is powered on, Cloud is booted up to provide basic applications and internet functions. To access more specific or powerful programs, the system can be booted into Windows. Cloud’s proprietary application framework also allows the user to run client applications such as Skype or Media Player, opening them in new tabs just like in Windows or Linux.
A screenshot from Cloud showing gOS gadgets on the desktop. (Credit: good OS) 
A screenshot from Cloud showing
gOS gadgets on the desktop. (Credit: good OS)

Cloud comprises of a browser in addition to an icon dock for shortcuts to favourite applications, tabs for multi-tasking between web and rich client applications, and icons to switch to Windows, power off, and perform other necessary system functions.

“Cloud is my favourite gOS product yet,” said David Liu, founder and CEO of Good OS. “Just seconds after I power on, I’m Googling, Yahooing, and truly Living. I am very excited about the upcoming GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks with Cloud and Windows. I think the GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbook’s forward thinking hardware and software will make it the best Netbook to hit the market!”
Good OS is an operating system software company established in the Silicon Valley and Taipei. The company promised that more details about its Cloud and GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks will be released on January 8 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
A screenshot from Cloud showing the Windows Switcher. (Credit: good OS) 
A screenshot from Cloud showing
the Windows Switcher. (Credit: good OS)

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Additional information on Cloud can be obtained at gOS’ website.