Control Your Home From The Convenience Of Your Handheld Device With These Home Automation Marvels


Automated or “smart” homes were once something that the average person could only dream of. As the technology was an expensive luxury, automated homes were not the norm. But home automation is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Anyone from apartment dwellers to mansion owners alike can outfit their homes themselves, without professional assistance and without needing a huge amount of disposable income. You no longer have to open up walls to add wires; all you need to make your home perform from your handheld device is a wi-fi connection and these smart little apps.


Automation apps and appliances are one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology industry. Companies like Amazon and Samsung are helping to make your mobile device work for you in just about every way possible. From saving you from high monthly energy costs to safeguarding your home, you can make your home operate solely with the touch of a button without your wallet taking a huge hit. These are four of the best buys for your buck for home automation in Winnipeg.





Picostone is a company that is dedicated to making your home completely automated. Their goal is to create an entire ecosystem with both artificial intelligence and innovative software systems. The app works by allowing you to access everything in your home remotely from different locations. All you have to do is install the hardware, and you can control and monitor everything from your air conditioner to your ceiling fan. That means that you no longer have to get off the couch to turn things on or off. It also means that you can remotely control your home’s energy efficiency by controlling heating and cooling from any location.




Oakter is another home automation system that is helping to make your home completely energy-efficient through converting your existing appliances to smart appliances. Without having to invest in new appliance technology, the app allows you to make any older appliance “smart.” Used with their highly-popular Oakter’s “smart home hub,” which is essential for using their smart appliance technology, the hub makes everything in your home fully programmable from the use of your smartphone. The hub gives you more power to fully integrate your appliances with the rest of your home to make it totally automated from top to bottom.



Cubical Labs


Those in the market for the most affordable smart home solution will enjoy Cubical Labs. This is a company that is working to create the most reliable and technologically-advanced home automation system that any “average Joe” can afford. Their home automation system seeks to monitor and control all the existing appliances and HVAC systems in your house — all from the convenience of your smartphone, whether you’re at home or on the go.


Using the combination of data, hardware, and software systems, Cubical Lab’s aim is to corner both the residential and business markets. Also targeting hotels and office spaces, they hope to distribute their products globally to anyone in the market to turn their regular dwelling into a smart one.


Control4 MyHome


Control4 MyHome is one of the best apps available for your Apple or Android phone. It’s a fully- integrated home automation system that works to control your entertainment, energy, lighting and security systems all from the same app. While monitoring your entire home while you are at home or away, it can even shut down your child’s gaming entertainment system remotely if they haven’t finished their homework. Although users say it is a little more complex to set up, the far-reaching capacity is highly attractive to many people who want a good overall integrative automation app to control everything in their home from their handheld device.


Home automation used to be something that the average consumer could only dream about, but smart technology is making its way to almost every home in America in one way or another. It offers the advantages of being able to help people to cut their energy costs, keep their home safe with security features, and allow them to control lighting, heating and cooling, and just about everything else from all from their smartphone or mobile device. Although they vary in price, even the average consumer can now afford some pretty cool smart home technology.